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Our virtual Congress promises a packed schedule.

Our presentations cover an introduction to Smart Cities, how to harness big data analytics and how to reduce rework through planning. We also tackle the role of 6D BIM, look at how BIM, GIS and digital twins feed into city information modelling and the new 3D of data driven design. 

We also have case studies which give insight on 10 years of BIM experience in Morocco and how BIM and GIS integrated in a 250sq km modelling project.

And then we have 2 learning sessions which explore BIM workflows for a medium size project and a French session on how Navisworks can enable savings on time and money.

And then there are our 3 live Panel Discussions which tackle the role of BIM in Smart Cities, how we can get existing buildings smart city ready and, most importantly, ask how ready we are for BIM in Africa by 2030. 

It’s an opportunity to see what our African brothers and sisters in BIM are doing, to gain knowledge and be inspired. And to participate in the conversations that are shaping BIM’s role in Africa.


You’re already passionate about BIM or you’re a newbie, interested in what BIM is and the role it plays in Africa’s built environment.

BIMHarambee.Africa represents a coming together of BIM practitioners across the continent to share their knowledge through presentations, case studies and learning sessions. And our panel discussions give you a front-row seat to the role of BIM in our continent’s development and the role we can each play.

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Monday | 18 October


The presentations, learning sessions and case studies will all be available here on this date. Just click on the image to view the video on the day. You need to have Registered for BIMHarambee.Africa in order to view this content. Please REGISTER now.
Monday | 18 October

Panel Discussion

The presentations, learning sessions and case studies will all be available here on this date. Just click on the image to view the video on the day. You need to have Registered for BIMHarambee.Africa in order to view this content. Please REGISTER now.
Tuesday | 19 October


The presentations, learning sessions and case studies will all be available here on this date. Just click on the image to view the video on the day. You need to have Registered for BIMHarambee.Africa in order to view this content. Please REGISTER now.
Wednesday | 20 October


The presentations, learning sessions and case studies will all be available here on this date. Just click on the image to view the video on the day. You need to have Registered for BIMHarambee.Africa in order to view this content. Please REGISTER now.
Thursday | 21 October

Panel Discussion

The presentations, learning sessions and case studies will all be available here on this date. Just click on the image to view the video on the day. You need to have Registered for BIMHarambee.Africa in order to view this content. Please REGISTER now.
Friday | 22 October


How do we close the gap between BIM in 2021 and BIM in 2030?

An unconference is exactly that, everything a conference isn’t. There is no agenda, no keynote speakers, no powerpoint presentations. There is an overall theme but the delegates decide the topics and then participate in those conversations. The aim is to create a welcoming environment to engage with each other in conversations which promote understanding and drive action. The theme of our Unconference is ‘How do we close the gap between BIM in 2021 and BIM in 2030?’ The participants are by invitation only and we will be sharing the outcomes of these conversations here after the event.


10h00 – 13h00 (GMT+2)

Friday | 22 October

Panel Discussion

The presentations, learning sessions and case studies will all be available here on this date. Just click on the image to view the video on the day. You need to have Registered for BIMHarambee.Africa in order to view this content. Please REGISTER now.
Speaker profile

Shuaib Yunos

BIM Technical Specialist: Civil Infrastructure & Mining

Baker Baynes

Shuaib has a great passion for design, infrastructure & technology, and his passion has gained him recognition as the Champion of BIM for Civil Infrastructure here in South Africa, Africa & the world over. Shuaib is in the process of pursuing his Master`s in Civil Engineering (MEng), is affiliated with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) & the South African Institute of Civil Engineers (SAICE), and is an Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI), International Speaker & Webinar Host. Shuaib has presented at numerous prestigious events and professional bodies around the globe, as well as being the only Professional selected from the entire African Continent to present at Autodesk University 2020, and will be presenting at this year’s global event again in October 2021. Shuaib has used his civil engineering experience and BIM design expertise to help many companies & consultants across the world design more efficiently, intelligently, and economically. With his zeal for innovative design and digital transformation, Shuaib has earned his status as being ranked amongst the best recognized Civil Infrastructure Design Specialists here in Africa and beyond. At Baker Baynes he has been involved in numerous projects involving BIM for Civil Infrastructure, GIS, Reality Capture/Scan-to-BIM, as well as VR & Visualisation. By harnessing the power of BIM, engineering practicality, technical ingenuity, and legislation, Shuaib hopes to spur on digital transformation within the Civil Infrastructure Industry around the globe, as well as inspire fellow design professionals to give off their best and have fun while doing it!
Speaker profile

Neil Brooker

Senior Technical Specialist Manager for EMEA


Neil Brooker is Senior Technical Specialist Manager for the EMEA Emerging Technical Specialist team in Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Neil obtained a BA (Hons) in Geography and went on to obtain MSc in Land Resource Management. He spent 8 years working as a research officer in Scotland, researching land use and GIS analytics. He joined Autodesk in November 1999 as an Application Engineer for the GIS group. He transitioned into Civil Infrastructure technical sales and became a manager in 2006. He was promoted to Technical Specialists Manager for the Civil Infrastructure team in Northern Europe in 2009 before being appointed as Technical Specialists Manager for the AEC team in Northern Europe in 2011. Neil then moved to the role of Technical Specialists Manager AEC/ENI in EMEA and for the Emerging Markets technical team in 2012, moving permanently to Dubai in 2014. He currently manages a team of 9 AEC and Manufacturing Technical Specialists in Istanbul, Riyadh, Dubai, Karachi and Nairobi
Speaker profile

German Bodenbender

Head of the BIM Department

Boogertman and Partners

As a BIM Manager, German is constantly seeking new ways to disrupt the traditional process and develop a collaborative mindset across the industry. He is a young professional both highly passionate about architecture and dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and construction to achieve the best possible results, without ever compromising on quality. His high-tech approach is reflected on everything he does, finding new and better ways to do things. He has more than 10 years of experience on projects across the globe, including universities in Dubai, residential projects in Argentina, and, currently, the second largest mall in South Africa. Furthermore, he remains a thought leader in the industry and has keynoted at several major regional conferences in Africa. As the Co-Founder of the BIM Community Africa, he also dedicates his free time to the non-profit community that has the mission to raise the tide of the BIM knowledge in the industry

Speaker profile

Kehinde Ayobade

Kalisode Network

I am a young, intelligent, versatile, problem solving and highly proactive professional of Civil Engineering; with experience in Building Information Modelling (BIM), Structural Engineering, Computational and Algorithm Design, Programming and Database Management. I currently work remotely as a BIM consultant for Kalisode Network in Sweden. I am enthusiastic about implementing automation in design and BIM processes. I am also a big fan of Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Speaker profile

Calayde Davey

Chairperson (Lean Built Africa) and Post Doctoral Research Fellow at University of Pta (Africa Digital Twin Cities)

Regen50 Urban Strategy Lean Built Environment – Afrika and Lecturer at University of Pretoria

Calayde is a future-oriented strategist and a Lean built environment champion. She focuses on city futures and built environment innovation — helping project teams to let the good ideas come through and the great ideas last. Calayde holds a PhD Environmental Design, Economics & Planning from the USA and Masters degree in Architecture from South Africa. She has worked internationally in architecture, real estate development, Lean construction management, corporate strategy, urban planning and policy development. Calayde has worked in the role of project architect on high-rise projects in South-East Asia, and as Lean facilitator for the world’s largest Passive House (90% energy efficient real estate) residential project in the United States. She is the co-author of “Mastering Lean Leadership” with global expert Hal Macomber, co-chair of Lean Built Environment Afrika and Director of Regen50 – Urban Strategies. Calayde is currently completing a post-doctoral research project with the University of Pretoria and the Chalmers University of Technology, Chalmers, Sweden, on African Digital Twin Cities. Calayde teaches at various universities in topics of urbanism, built environment innovation, urban strategy, sustainable development and the future state for the African built environment sector.
Speaker profile

Amira Dahmani

BIM Business Development Coordinator

AMA Group

Civil Engineer – BIM Business Developer working on large projects in Africa – Business Digital Transformation Contributor – Certified CanBIM Professional
Speaker profile

Maria Gkovedarou

Program Manager

Bentley Systems

Maria works for Bentley Systems where she is responsible for the Academic relationships within Europe and the schools worldwide. She is a Civil Engineer from Greece with a Master from University of Cambridge. During her project in Cambridge she dived into the Computer Science world as her project was related to Digital Twins. Interesting Fact: Maria has presented in many conferences/ events among others to Microsoft company (UK offices) and to the UK Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury for 2018.
Speaker profile

Rania Abdel Fattah

BIM Manager Academic Director

Cosmos-Eng KAITECH

Manages BIM for COSMOS Engineers & Consultants. BIM implementation expert, involved with building information modeling since 2006 in the AEC industry. Has been involved in managing overseas BIM projects. BIM lecturer and director of research for KAITECH Solutions. Member in buildingSMART UAE chapter. Holds a Master’s degree in BIM management and is a certified BIM manager from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors,UK.
Moderator profile

Matthew Phillips

Western Cape Regional representative

Graphisoft SA

I am a draughtsman and Certified Archicad BIM Manager. I have been working with Graphisoft SA for the past 5 years, I provide architects, interior designers and urban planners, one of the leading BIM softwares on the market to enhance your workflow and resolve collaboration issues. I am a BIM enthusiast and am eager to raise the BIM tide here in South Africa.

Speaker profile

Machiel Odendaal

Technical Manager

Modena AEC | INF

Machiel is a technology enthusiast with a focus on BIM and the future of buildings. Software and technology, for Machiel, is like dabbling in dark magic – there is seemingly no end to the magic that you can achieve and the world you can disrupt. Machiel spends his time focusing on optimizing current workflows and improve industry challenges to make sure the future can be achieve as quick as possible.
Speaker profile

Andrew Skudder

Chief Executive Officer


Andrew Skudder is the CEO of RIB CCS. RIB CCS, a Schneider Electric and RIB Group company, has been providing specialised software solutions to the Construction & Engineering industry for four generations. He holds a BSc in Industrial Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and an MBA in Strategy and Finance. Andrew has over 25 years of international business and management consulting experience within the Construction & Engineering, Industrial, Automotive, Media and Food & Beverage industries. Andrew has previously worked for leading global firms such as A.T. Kearney, Mitsui & Co. Ltd and most recently Murray & Roberts Limited, a leading South African multinational Construction & Engineering Group where he was a member of the Group Executive and served on several subsidiary boards. Andrew’s vision is shaping RIB CCS into one of the leading providers of software solutions to select markets in the global construction and engineering industry, driving innovation, progressive thinking and the digital transformation of the industry. He is passionate about the company and is determined to create a workplace where employees thrive. He champions the philosophy that great service to the company’s clients comes from great employees. Andrew believes RIB CCS can co-create the solutions that are transforming the Construction & Engineering industry. The software solutions offered by RIB CCS are both intelligent by design and fit-for-purpose for construction and engineering companies. Andrew strives to bring new digital technologies to the market that will enhance productivity, transform operating models and add value to the industry.
Speaker profile

Menard Bertrand

Development Manager

Oger International Maroc

Experienced Project and Contract Manager, based on engineering culture, who has devoted himself to a structured ISO certified international company, on various construction projects in France, Morocco or Middle East countries.
Speaker profile

Kaouthar Jedda

Founder & Ceo Bim Tunisia – Bim Consultant

BIM Tunisia

Kaouthar JEDDA (born the 22nd Septembre 1979 in Tunis-Tunisie) is a Tunisian architect graduated from the University of Jordan in 2003, having practiced architecture with offices in Jordan and Tunisia on a number of projects with the architecture offices, Al Mishkat, Tarek Ben Miled Architects, ZIN Architecture and Art-Lab. She has founded BIM Tunisia in 2018, specialised in BIM implementation and new technologies for the building and construction sector companies. As a BIM Consultant and BIM Instructor, she has conducted the first architectural project using BIM in Tunisia, with the architect Tarek Ben Miled on the project of MAN university at the Ivory Coast. On the road to developement, BIM Tunisia has partnered with big companies specialised in BIM, national and international, as BIM in Touch, ROBOBAT AFFRIQUE and IBIMS. Subsequently Kaouthar Jedda became the partner and official francophone representative of the magazine BIM ARABIA. In 2020 She has been chosen to be a Strategic advisory board member for the foundation BIM AFRICA.
Speaker profile

Karthik Venkatesan

Operations Director / BIM Process Manager

bybitech services pte ltd

Karthik is an enthusiastic BIM Leader with great experience and exceptional insight. He started his career as a site supervisor in the 90’s, with a vision to explore new technologies instead of old days manual drafting. In his early days, Karthik used AutoCAD & 3D Home Architect but couldn’t stop there, as he had a craving to learn and exploit the computer software technologies which could add value to the Design & Construction domain. He successfully accomplished his Masters in Computer Applications besides Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. His desire to advance his career helped him to secure an opportunity in Singapore as a BIM Modeller for CWRP Project in early 2000. Enhanced his skills to the next level by attaining hands-on-experience on a wide range of Bentley Tools for 3D (Bentley Triforma), 2D (MicroStation), 4D (Bentley Navigator), 5D (Bentley Triforma) & 6D (ODBC). “I had a comprehensive learning experience when I worked with A1 contractor who helped me to develop my skills further on Architecture, Structure and MEP. I had an opportunity to explore X-steel which is now called Trimble Tekla Structures whilst working on Stadium and Payalebar MRT projects“, said Karthik. Architectural Consultant at AEDAS added new essence to his carrier with exposure in acquiring skills on Architectural submission requirement for CP83 and LTA standards. Down-Town MRT line is one of his key projects helped him to obtain experience in BIM Implementations. “Handling People mind-set is the key in BIM Implementation”, said Karthik. ARUP Singapore provided an excellent opportunity to work on Buildings & Infrastructure projects such as Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore Pavilion (Shanghai) etc. utilizing a wide range of tools such as Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Bentley AECOsim etc. He said “POC for LTA BIM Implementation is an interesting part in my carrier where I setup the BIM standards and trained around 40 individuals for 90 days in different set of tools, tips and tricks “. Karthik is currently working as Operations Director at ByBiTech Singapore and providing leadership in following areas such as BIM Consultancy, BIM Implementation for organizations and BIM Training for professionals who wants to get on to the ladder of BIM. He is passionate about training and proud to be a part-time lecturer in BCA Academy, NUS and Singapore Institutes. students.
Speaker profile

Hesham Gaafar

Engineering Solutions Expert

Quality Standards for Information Technology – QSIT

Hesham Gaafar is a multidisciplinary engineer who is enthusiastic about helping architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms in developing strategies for effective BIM-GIS integration. Hesham leads QSIT’s industry solutions activities in the AEC sector (Autodesk & ESRI Partner). He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, as well as a technical diploma in informatics and a technical diploma in Digital realities. Hesham was a key contributor to the development of multiple Buildings E-Permitting systems that adhere to ISO 19650 standards. Gaafar is currently conducting research at Cairo University’s faculty of engineering to enable digital transformation and Digital-Twin in public works projects.
Speaker profile

Tammy Venter

BIM Implementation Specialist

Modena Design Centres

Tammy is an AEC Application Engineer and BIM Consultant for Modena Design Centres, Durban. She has a huge passion for helping people improve their skills and workflows and enjoys the challenge of creating systems and processes to help them get there. As a trained professional architect, Tammy uses her knowledge of architecture and the construction industry to help AEC professionals move forward in their day-to-day business. Tammy specialises in delivering Revit technical training and implementation of architectural solutions which includes software and workflow management. “The future of construction is exciting and I feel incredibly privileged to be part of the global vision for the construction industry. Change is inevitable, but Growth is optional,” says Tammy.
Speaker profile

Christian Baharh Kiki

Civil Structural Engineer

Laes-GC Engineering

Structural Designer & Civil Infrastructures Engineer /BIM AEC Technical Specialist /LAES-GC Engineering Autodesk Certified Instructor I have a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and Master in Structural Design and Art of Works Over 6 years experiences in Civil Engineering Field Co-Founder: LAES-GC Engineering Company a Design office and company building Freelance consultant and BIM instructor applications BIM Africa Country Representative Based in DRCongo I have a passion for digital design and transformation, and I have a high skills for all regarding BIM Process and technology because I believe only BIM technology can enabled the sustainable development of our Continent, it my motivation to work hard , trainer and make awareness across the African continent and share my knowledges everyday about BIM, because it the only way to contribute to the future raising of our Africa!
Speaker profile

Abdallah Hazem

Lead solution & product analyst


Abdallah Hazem is an experienced Urban Planner with a demonstrated history of working in the professional GIS and software industry, currently with Khatib & Alami as Lead Solutions & Products Analyst. Abdallah is a strong community and social services professional with a Bachelor of Urban & Regional planning focused in Urban and Regional Planning from Cairo University.

Speaker profile

Youssef El Ganadi

Architect and PhD in Smart Cities

President of Myafricancompetition ONG

In 2016, Youssef El Ganadi joined the international architectural firm Teco + Partners with which he has worked until today. For 5 years, he has been conducting research on smart cities at the University of Parma and the International University of Rabat, where he teaches courses on BIM and CIM as a teacher. In 2018, he founded the non-profit pan-African association My African Competition NGO and has been its president since.
Speaker profile

Bernd Oellerman

Programme Manager

Dept of Trade and Industry and Competition

Bernd is director in Regional Industrial Development at the dtic. Recent work covers industrial parks and SEZ’s. Bernd’s diverse international experience covers sustainable development, renewable energy, water, health, agriculture, engineering, R&D, education and training, ICT, mining and financial sectors. His work spans strategy, planning, governance, administration and implementation involving government, industry, labour, communities, youth, academia, research and non-profit environments. He is passionate about people and sustainable development, driven by the belief in the restoration of Creation and every person to their original purpose and identity through a systemic, integrated and collaborative approach to find solutions to today’s multidimensional, complex challenges.

Speaker profile

Andrew Mason


Workplace Fundi

Andrew Mason boasts a chequered career. After achieving his BSc degree in Building Surveying he went on to gain his Royal Charter from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 1986. In 1991 he established TMD Building Consultancy with clients such as The Duke of Westminster, Paul and Linda McCartney, Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones, Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Helena Bonham-Carter and rock legend Ozzy Osbourne. He has worked on historical and National Trust monuments, some dating back 600 years. He has designed and repurposed buildings at the end of their useful life as well as construction new state of the art facilities. He has worked on palaces, castles, hotels, casinos, theatres, factories, offices, data centres, schools, churches, stadia, hospitals and even a zoo. He has held senior executive and directorship roles at the two biggest integrated FM operators in Africa with experience in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho and Zimbabwe as well as further afield in Malaysia, Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He writes regularly for property journals and has delivered presentations and keynotes on Workplace and FM at the Euro FM conference in Madrid, Holland and Bulgaria, FMCE conference in Kenya and Botswana, twice at the RICS Africa Summit, SAFMA Conventions and the FM Expo in South Africa. Andrew now runs Workplacefundi. an independent Workplace and Facilities Management consultancy.
Speaker profile

Nick Tenner

Technical Director


Nick is a multi-skilled contractor, with extensive experience in buildings, civil Infrastructure (structures, pipelines, roads, etc.) as well as opencast mining. With a combination of his quantity surveying, estimating, cost control and project management skills, as well as a passion for technology and improvement, Nick offers a range of pre-construction and construction services, aimed at successful project delivery. TAECIM embraces the digital transformation by moving from the traditional 2D to 3D QTO, 5D estimating/costing, 4D planning/scheduling services and is exploring further digital service offerings. TAECIM promotes the adoption of BIM and IPD approaches to projects in the built environment.

Moderator profile

Uboho Akpan

Customer Success Specialist

COSTECH Computers Limited, Nigeria

Uboho Akpan is a Communications Executive at BIM Africa, supporting the communication activities of the organization in promoting the awareness and increased adoption of BIM and digital construction across the built environment in Africa. She also works as a Customer Success Specialist at COSTECH Computers Limited, an Autodesk Authorized Training and Certification Centre (ATC) in Nigeria. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Structural Engineering at Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria.

Speaker profile

Moses Itanola

Executive Director

BIM Africa

Moses is the ED of BIM Africa and a Project Associate at FHFL. He is a QS & Construction Manager (CM) with interests in sustainability and technology in the African Construction Industry. He is a Country co-editor for the global BIM Dictionary, a 2021 Local Pathway Fellow, and represents BIM Africa at the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GlobalABC) hosted by UNEP. He is also a Researcher and Trainer (Autodesk Certified Instructor) exploring the use of AI, VR/AR, UAVs, and BIM-compliant CM softwares in construction projects. As a Pan-Africanist, he has participated in numerous design and construction projects and presented at conferences across various African countries.


Speaker profile

Giles Pendleton

CDO Attacq and Chair of GBCSA

Attacq Developers and GBCSA (Green Building Council of South Africa)

I’m an Australian / South African award winning ,C Suite property developer and a specialist in large sustainable and smart masterplanned precincts , districts and cities. A specialist in property sustainability strategy and ESG reporting, I have been involved in developing new and existing property assets for both development and income funds globally for the past 25 years based in London, Warsaw, Sydney, Dubai and Johannesburg. Chairman and Non Executive Director of the Green Building Council of South Africa FRICS-An Invited Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors AIPM MPD -Level 6 Project Director accreditation of the Australian Institute of Project Management GBC AP-Green Building Council Accredited Professional I have worked for Developers, Government, Consultants and Contractors, and have worked in Public and Private sector Developments in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East in Executive Development roles as well as in Senior Delivery and Design roles. I have worked on projects in 25 countries and been involved in opportunities in another 8 countries. I have delivered projects across multiple Continents simultaneously and have won industry awards for project excellence for projects delivered in Australia , South Africa and Canada. I am passionate about good functional and responsible design, transparent and accurate reporting ,sustainable businesses and projects and creating Public friendly responsible environments.
Speaker profile

Kehinde Adeyemi


KadeyPRIME Group

Kehinde is a built industry professional with domain in civil/structural engineering practice and interests in smart buildings and sustainable infrastructure with focus on shaping better African built environments. He has successfully participated in design, construction, and management roles for multiple programmes and projects spanning across residential, commercial, industrial, and urban scopes. As a digital proponent and BIM advocate, he has delivered BIM based/compliant projects and facilitated workshops for professionals in the AECO industry on BIM, associated tools and key project delivery strategies, leveraging in-depth experiences from leading organizations such as ARUP Nigeria. He is the founder of KadeyPRIME Group Limited likewise the Professionals Leadership and Advancement Platform (ProLeAP) – a premium platform for advancing AEC industry professionals. Beyond Engineering and BIM, Kehinde actively explores blockchain, AI & Robotics. He is an Autodesk certified Instructor and is a member of relevant professional societies including NSE, NICE, ASCE, and BIM Africa Initiative. Kehinde also serves on the Board for Green Earth Heritage International where he advocates carbon footprints reduction and sustainable environmental actions for a safer world.
Speaker profile

Ane Barnes

Professional Architect, BIM Coordinator

Modena AEC

Ané is a driven and energetic BIM Coordinator at Modena AEC. She is a registered professional Architect with a master’s degree in Architecture from the University of the Free State. She is a certified Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD professional. She is a member of the South African Institute of Architects and the South African Council for the Architectural Profession. With a passion for the Built Industry, she continuously researches the latest advancements in Design and Construction, with a focus on Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes, to prepare for tomorrow, today. She believes the future lies in educating yourselves and those around you.

She started her career as a Commercial Design Architect at a large Architectural firm, thereafter she transitioned to a smaller practice as a Design and Project Architect on Apartment Blocks, Hospitality Projects and Mixed-Use Developments. It is here where she discovered her passion for BIM processes. Ané joined the team at Modena in 2016, where she still contributes today. She now specializes in BIM processes, where she provides holistic sustainable training, implementation and coordination solutions to clients in the Architecture and Interior industry.

In her free time she enjoys travelling with her family and explores property investment solutions.

Speaker profile

Richard Matchett

Digital Practice Lead


I am a professional engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the built environment in South Africa, Greater Africa and the Middle East.

I am the digital lead at Zutari, responsible for our digital strategy and transformation to adapt our engineering practice during the ever-changing times we live in. I am passionate about working smart, being paperless and raising the bar for the way our industry delivers solutions. I believe the implementation of BIM in the built environment is a fundamental enabler of achieving smart infrastructure and buildings solutions.

I am a problem solver and a sense maker. I delight in making the complex simple and I use this approach in my leadership of our digital strategy. I believe in using technology as a tool to enable human ingenuity. I am excited to see how our industry transforms to adopt modern approaches to work and project delivery.

Speaker profile

Geraldine Clark

Territory Sales Executive, South Africa


Geraldine is a highly customer orientated, and service driven professional with over 17 years of Autodesk experience in solution sales. She prides herself in consulting with clients on solutions that address project and business needs. She has had a lot of success building enduring relationships as a trusted advisor. Geraldine is mother of two boys, she is a keen traveler, she loves sports as well as the outdoors .