Bim Harambee

Virtual Conference

Africa’s brightest BIM minds, all at BIM Harambee Africa

When we conceived BIMHarambee.Africa we had set an ambitious target. A full month of BIM presentations, learning sessions and panel discussions to accelerate BIM knowledge across the continent.

We wanted to focus on Africa – what BIM means to her development as well as the people raising this BIM tide across the continent.

We issued the call to fill 42 Presentation Sessions, 6 Learning Sessions and 5 Panel Discussions and the response was overwhelming. BIMHarambee.Africa is privileged to welcome 58 speakers and contributors to our 2020 event, The Digital Disruption.

What excites us is the broad range of topics that will be covered from 5 to 30 October, the many countries in Africa our speakers come from, and the diversity of backgrounds and expertise our speakers represent.

But most importantly, every person contributing to BIMHarambee.Africa shares one powerful trait – their deep passion for BIM and its role in the rise of our continent.

We trust that BIMHarambee.Africa will accelerate your knowledge and passion, and that you will join us in Raising the BIM tide across Africa.


Virtual Conference

The presentations, learning sessions and case studies will all be available here on this date. Just click on the image to view the video on the day. You need to have Registered for BIMHarambee.Africa in order to view this content. Please REGISTER now.