A culture change for the success of BIM implementation

Session synopsis

The challenge of implementing BIM despite the enormous value that BIM can bring, some parts of the industry still very reluctant to implement building information modeling. Habit is still a strong force in construction and is seen as one of the main reasons for the industry’s digital backwardness. This is not something new for the industry given that it is the least digitized market in the world. People are just not interested in changing their habits unless they see a tangible example of the value they can get in return. With this mind, it becomes understandable that construction players are focusing their efforts in digital adoption in order to break the wall of habits and communicate to the industry why BIM is important. Now it is clear that implementing and managing BIM is not a simple walk. It requires collective effort, bold initiatives and a proactive digital culture. Only then can your BIM strategy develop and flourish. To achieve this, your organization will need to follow a number of steps. In a nutshell, here are the main elements of successful BIM implementation and management process.

Why should people attend?

The presentation is aimed at professionals in the construction sector who wish to take the Industrial Revolution 4.0 turn by adopting best practices for the effective implementation of BIM in their organizations.




  • Ahmed Ryad Sbartaï
    Ahmed Ryad Sbartaï
    CEO - Conseil Innovation Numérique - (C-INNOV)

    Strategist and expert in project in project management, energy efficiency and BIM with more than 25 years of experience in leading several international projects and in the growth of several companies in the AEC industry.

    I develop creative and innovative approaches to enable companies to achieve their goals and bring great value to their customers.

    As a leader, I enjoy working in collaborative environments. I also participate in the outreach of the BIM by setting up training programs and by hosting conferences around the world.


Oct 05 2020

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