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Session synopsis

Have you considered transitioning to BIM? Has the content been so overwhelming that you’re not sure where to start? Begin Here. Begin with BIM. BIM is not a software. BIM is a process. The Basics of BIM are pretty simple, join us in a learning session top understand what different applications and mindsets are required to transition to BIM. Content:
  • The History of 2D CAD and 3D CAD
  • Introduction to template files, and how to use them
  • Introduction to digital modelling tools, and virtual building
  • Introduction to output files for project sharing, and IFC

Why should people attend?

If you ever thought BIM is too complex, we’re here to show you its not. We share our Top 10 BIM Features that will add Serious Value to your projects when applied! Join us for a simple and clear introduction to BIM. BIM is for you! This session is for you!




  • Karmen Volmink
    Karmen Volmink
    Director and Principal Designer - Volmink Group – Architecture | BIM | CAD

    I am a woman in construction. I have a vision to positively influence the Eswatini Building and Infrastructure Development Industry.

    I lead a team of talented Swati people, with a shared passion for Architecture, Design and BIM. Together we design and develop projects of varied scope, and we teach BIM through Archicad to professionals and scholars. Practically speaking, we practice what we preach.

    My enthusiasm for change and growth is unmatched! I enjoy pushing boundaries in both technology and creativity. I see the end result and pursue it with deep commitment. I am gifted with the vision to see things not as they are, but what they can be. I strive to unlock the potential of each project by applying knowledge, talent, skill and a dose of good working relationships. Most importantly, I am always learning.

    This is an exciting time to be involved in the digital evolution of construction! Let’s Connect!


Oct 05 2020

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        1. The sessions are all pre-recorded and released on the day. They’re available from the morning when it’s published. The FORUM discussions are ongoing throughout the duration of BIMHarambee.Africa

    1. Welcome Brian, thank you for joining us. We have a full month of content so you’ll have an opportunity to learn a lot more. And there are our FORUMS where you can engage and ask questions. Let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with.

  1. A very wonderful session.
    I hope to meet up to date with presentations and discussions as I have started with Day 1. If not, I hope it will still be accessible after the conference.

    Thank you so much to the organizers for putting this together

    1. We’re so glad you enoyed Karmen’s wonderful session. Please don’t worry, all of the BIM Harambee sessions will continue to be available after the 30th of October. So you can take your time to go through all of the sessions.