BIM and its Impact on the Property Business

Session synopsis

BIM (Building Information Management), the swear word on many projects. There is currently an almost archaic relationship between owner / operators and their professional teams. We have amazing advancements in both sets of sectors but no thread to combine these to mutually beneficial goal/s. If the “I” (Information) in BIM is so important, how can owner / operators link it back to their existing / future businesses and reap some of the rewards that this process offers not only on new builds, but also on refurbishments and maintenance.

Why should people attend?

To gain an understanding how we could start getting better alignment between these sectors. We will be looking at questions like:
  • How do we link the respective Information Requirements in our business to Building Information Modelling?
  • Why would you want to link this back to Business Outcomes?




  • Leon van Rensburg
    Leon van Rensburg
    Global Business Development Lead - Prokon Software Consultants

    Leon has more than 12-year experience in consulting across Africa. The core focus of the consulting was to assess infrastructure and maintenance projects in South Africa, and to implement successful methodologies to ensure on time and on budget delivery. This experienced highlighted the importance of adopting a BIM culture and the results it could yield if implemented correctly. For the last 6 years Leon gained experience in the software world with Autodesk and Prokon on a global scale. More recently Leon helped launch a few BIM initiatives such as BIM4SMME and the BIMcommUNITY.Africa.


Oct 22 2020

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