BIM Execution Planning and Lean BIM Management

Session synopsis

We face misunderstandings, confusion and blame on a daily basis due to poor project planning in the construction industry. Why are we always behind on our tasks and why do we not make our deadlines? Why are our protocol documents volumes of pages that nobody ever reads? This session provides a guide to Better BIM Execution Planning – Contracting for the right BIM at the right time for the right people and for the right reason, all in promotion of Lean BIM Management principles.

Why should people attend?

Are your teams always behind on tasks? Why do we not make our deadlines? Are your teams facing confusion on their roles in a project? Are there blame wars between disciplines on a project? This session focuses on:
  • Lean BIM Management Skills
  • Better, Easier Project Management Skills
  • Effective BIM Execution Planning
  • Modern Tips and Workflows That Curb Confusion Between Disciplines
Industry Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Facilities Management, Other (Project Management, Quantity Surveying)




  • Ahmed Cassim
    Ahmed Cassim
    Applications Engineer - Modena-AEC

    Experienced Application Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Autodesk Revit AutoCAD and BIM 360. Strong Architectural design professional with a passion and focus in consulting and BIM coordination and management. Ahmed has been training and implementing BIM standards and Revit as well as drawing up BIM workflows and Revit protocols at various South African firms where he has been assisting on site.


Oct 23 2020

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Learning session