BIM in Africa – are we too late or can we use recent problems to leapfrog?

Session synopsis

During this discussion we will be looking at why up until the Pandemic, Africa was stagnating in the adoption of BIM. What has changed in the last few months? And how have companies used this as an opportunity to re-invent, re-position and redefine their value add to meet the new Normal?

Why should people attend?

Open and Frank discussion about BIM in Africa. Where to next and how can we help you get there.




  • Simon Bromfield
    Simon Bromfield
    Territory Sales Manager, Africa - Autodesk

    Helping people turn their dreams into Reality, Helping them to find the right design solution to meet their needs. I have a deep passion for Africa, having travelled to over 20 countries and visited many customers on the continent.

    I am always interested in understanding customer business and how we can help them overcome their business challenges.

    Outside of work I have a enjoy being outdoors and participating in outdoor events. On the weekends you will find me hiking, Fly fishing, Mountain biking, running and Braaiing.


Oct 16 2020

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