Digital Twins

Digital Twinning stands out as one of the fascinating technology processes that leverage the disruptive digital power of BIM, being a digital replication process of physical assets referred to as a physical twin. Harnessing alongside the power of other integral digital innovations of the 4th industrial revolution such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), real time cloud based data collection, monitoring, and processing technologies using sensors, cyber model representations become a connected, living simulation of physical counterparts that provide extensive possibilities and immense benefits to professionals and stakeholders affiliated to the built environment. This Panel discussion on Digital Twins brings together Experts to provide strategic enlightenment and demystify key concepts around the topic by drawing upon their profound domain knowledge for this priceless learning path.

Kehinde Adeyemi


Kehinde Adeyemi


  • Machiel Odendaal
    Machiel Odendaal
    Technical Manager - Modena AEC

    One of the most curious and adventurous people you will meet with a belief that BIM software should be worked to enable you to do better. This fundamental approach establishes him as a leader within his field.

    As a Technical Manager he has inspired the new generation of explorers, improved on the masters before him and pushes the boundaries of his peers. This can only be done with his degree and side business in Architecture where he brings Technology to the AEC realm with
    realism, enthusiasm and disruption.

    Machiel has developed workflows that improved project performance by reducing days to hours, improved quality on projects with more automated approaches and built out-of-the-box, most notably his Switch on a Light with Revit workflow.

    This visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to improve, not only his life, but those of his colleagues, clients, family and friends by always trying to find better ways to do anything – out with the old in with the new.
    This approach work approach extends into his personal life to ultimately improve his wife and daughter’s quality of life.

  • Richard Matchett
    Richard Matchett
    Digital Practice Lead - Zutari

    I am a professional engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the built environment in South Africa, Greater Africa and the Middle East.

    I am the digital lead at Aurecon South Africa, responsible for our digital strategy and transformation to adapt our engineering practise during the ever-changing times we live in. I am passionate about working smart, being paper-less and raising the bar for the way our industry delivers solutions.

    I am pursuing a PhD in Engineering part-time through Stellenbosch University. I am interested in how Digital Twins could change our approach to design, construction and operation of infrastructure in South Africa, in support of the 4IR strategy and the National Development Plan.

    I am a problem solver and sense maker. I delight in making the complex simple and I use this approach in my leadership of our digital strategy. I believe in using technology as a tool to enable human ingenuity. I am excited to see how our industry transforms to adopt modern approaches to work and project delivery.

    I am also a civil engineer. This core identity means that ground my digital ambitions in the laws of maths and science. As a profession, our use of technology must be focussed on augmenting the engineering principles we use to the built environment, and I am committed to using technology to
    serve society. I have implemented this approach throughout my career, spanning various civil engineering sectors. These include geometric and transportation, major project master planning, basic services, Reconstruction and Development Planning (RDP) projects, and telecommunications (civil infrastructure).

    My project experience covers projects in South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Swaziland, Lesotho, Democratic Republic of Congo and Bahrain.

  • Selvan Murugan
    Selvan Murugan
    Digital Practise Leader - Zutari (Pty) Ltd

    My role is to provide digital leadership across the Energy and Resources, Built Environment and Infrastructure (Transport and Water) Markets and Advisory business units in Zutari. With my broad digital engineering knowledge and networks, I collaborate with the internal digital team, the
    delivery units and external clients to identify touch points and to guide the development of capability and expertise in relation to the future Zutari. My role is intended to support the development of an appropriate and cost effective digital capability in Africa. I indirectly lead multiple teams across the region, defining and accounting for implementing Zutari’s digital strategy. I also fulfill functional support roles within Zutari projects, to practically apply digital concepts as a thought leader and to develop and embed digital capability into the project delivery teams.

  • Zulfikar A. Adamu
    Zulfikar A. Adamu
    Associate Professor - London South Bank University

    Starting out as an Architect (BTech & MTech) before moving into Architectural Engineering (MSc) and settling for a PhD (Civil & Building Engineering), my expertise revolves around leveraging computing and data driven tools and processes to enable digital transformation in architecture, construction and engineering (AEC) industries. In research and practice, this includes: Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Engineering where my focus has been on: Autodesk’s BIM360 ecosystem and the underlying Forge API for managing workflows and multiple data streams; integrating BIM with GIS systems through data-driven processes as well as developing ETL workflows from multiple data sources.

    I have experience with computational modelling and simulation of buildings (DynamoBIM, computational fluid dynamics, dynamic thermal modelling and digital twinning/connected BIM).

    In addition I am a Unity3D certified serious game developer (VR and AR) through which I am developing VR-based training games for health and safety, fire evacuation and bespoke workflows for project monitoring.

    I thrive on seeking innovative ways of making data and digital technologies improve productivity for design and construction as well as delivering optimum value for clients and end users. This includes upskilling, training and development of bespoke workflows and solutions for a fast-changing industry.


Oct 29 2020

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