From visualization to immersion in the AEC Industry

Session synopsis

The presentation is going to unroll the concepts behind the emerging trends around the different visualizations workflows and their importance towards a more sustainable and democratic built environment.

Why should people attend?

As professionals related to the design, building, and operation of assets, one of our major objectives is to be able to communicate and translate our ideas to other professionals and the public in general accurately and efficiently. As new tools and needs emerge, we need to find better and quicker ways to fulfil this goal. This session will assist in understanding these new needs and how can we develop and grew our skills towards to fulfil them.




  • Otto Bodenbender
    Otto Bodenbender
    Head of the BIM Department - Boogertman and Partners Architects

    I am a creative thinker that works at the intersection between architecture and technology, by experimenting with new and alternative ways to combine the two of them onto new ideas.

    As a designer, I believed in the power that architecture has to empower people’s lives, and I make use of the latest technologies as a vehicle to achieve that.


Oct 09 2020

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  1. Thank you German, really enjoyed your presentation. Clear concept and argument thread from beginning to end. Exciting to see where technology will take us in the next 5 years and how it will help us manage the tension between Quality and Quantity.