Getting real about the challenges of BIM implementation in Africa

Session synopsis

The barrier to entry into the construction industry is low. This low barrier to entry has a few ramifications which contributes to the industry’s overall aversion to technology and digitization. The presentation will be delving into the different contributing challenges with the effective implementation of BIM.

Why should people attend?

This session is for BIM service providers, software developers and resellers, developers in the construction technology ecosystem. It gives them a deeper understanding of the issues that cause the challenges of implementing BIM.




  • Ginika E. Egwuonwu
    Ginika E. Egwuonwu
    Founder and Managing Director - Links ‘n Bridges

    I am the founder and managing director of Links ‘n Bridges Pty Ltd. A construction management consulting firm focused on improving the profitability of construction projects and the efficiencies of construction and construction-related businesses through the adoption of technology within Sub-Sahara Africa.

    The vision for Links ‘n Bridges was birthed after my working experience at a construction firm, being exposed to the challenges that construction businesses face sparked a desire to solve the problems identified. This inspired my Master’s research topic area and a change in my career from Quantity Surveying to Construction Project Management, in pursuit of building up my skillsets.

    After about a decade working in the construction industry and executing projects in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt and Kenya, I am on a mission to improve construction project success rates in Sub-Sahara Africa through Links ‘n Bridges, which I strongly believe will have a multiplier effect in unlocking more investment in construction and infrastructure projects in Sub-Sahara Africa.


Oct 14 2020

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  1. Highly informative. The problems identified are common place in the Nigerian construction space; the solutions will take time to be adopted.

    1. I completely agree. The Nigerian construction industry isn’t regulated and a few other developing countries on the continent shares similar challenges. There is a whole missing sector in the Nigerian construction industry. I don’t think the concept of a small to medium sized construction sector exists, that is because the method of construction is decentralized and not regulated. There is also the issue of poor workmanship as a result of informal education within the apprenticeship system or tradesman work.

    1. Hi Gedeon, we do have some sessions that are offered in French. They are: A culture change for the success of BIM implementation (5 Oct), The Collaborative processes of BIM (13 Oct), La maquette numérique au service de la rénovation urbaine : Cas de la Place Sraghna à Casablanca (Still to come on 27 Oct), and a Panel Discussion: Les processus collaboratifs du BIM (coming on 26 Oct). We trust this will help?