Getting started with AEC Automation: Computational BIM and Beyond

Session synopsis

Getting started with AEC Automation: Computational BIM and Beyond will take you through how innovative Technologies are improving AEC workflows to achieve much more efficient, effective results to achieve a quality-assured project execution and provide sustainable solutions. This learning session will not only guide you through automating your repetitive tasks, and the future of work but the knowledge to providing long-lasting innovative solutions for the AEC Industry. We will discuss why you should automate your workflows, how to get started, various programs used in AEC automation, which program to get started with, and you will be exposed to practical use cases that deal with automation of various AEC workflows using visual scripting, accessing the Revit API with Python, C# Add-Ins development, and Artificial Intelligence in the AEC Industry. At the end of this learning session, you will be able to confidently create Visual Programming scripts to automate repetitive tasks, implement high-end technologies into your workflows, and to provide long-lasting digital solutions for the AEC Industry.

Why should people attend?

This learning session will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to automate repetitive tasks without diving into complex algorithms. This is great opportunity to upskill and improve your AEC workflows in Autodesk Revit. This learning session will take you through the ‘ABC’ of Visual scripting using Dynamo, how to push and pull custom data to and from a Revit project into a generative workflow, AEC automation, and the future of construction. This session will spark your creativity and enthusiasm towards implementing innovative technologies and providing long-lasting digital solutions for the AEC Industry.




  • Ibrahim Shittu
    Ibrahim Shittu
    Advocate at BIM Africa - University of Ilorin

    Ibrahim Shittu is a Civil Engineering Student at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, and Advocate at BIM Africa.

    He is an Autodesk Ambassador, currently exploring the use of BIM and its integration with innovative Technologies to improve AEC workflows, and Sustainability of the Built Environment.

    Over the years, He has helped implement BIM among students and Industry Professionals while working closely with BIM Africa, an Organization with the sole aim of educating at least 500,000 individuals on BIM Adoption by 2025. He’s passionate about using his skills to contribute to technological advances happening in Africa.

    He knows no single approach that provides a solution to every issue facing the Built Environment in Africa, so he continues to feed his curiosity on emerging workflows and technological trends to provide long-lasting Digital Solutions to the AEC Industry to achieve organizational goals, and objectives while pushing beyond societal norms.
    He believes in the future of Africa as Technological driven and a great atmosphere to further develop the AEC Industry.


Oct 13 2020

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Learning session