How BIM can re-invent SA infrastructure development

Session synopsis

The Development Bank of Southern Africa, the National Treasury, and the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure signed a Memorandum of Agreement in respect of the DBSA’s mandate to establish and manage the Infrastructure Fund. In September 2018, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the Infrastructure Fund Initiative that builds on efforts to transform public infrastructure development. The Fund is meant to fundamentally transform the State’s approach to the financing of infrastructure projects and reduce the current fragmentation of infrastructure spend and thereby ensure more efficient and effective use of resources and improve the speed and quality of delivery. Given the limited government finances that have been worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic, the strategic importance of infrastructure as a lever and stimulus for economic recovery and growth has come to the fore. This constrained fiscal environment limits the availability of investment resources and there is thus a greater need for government to create an enabling environment for effective partnerships with the private sector.

Why should people attend?

BIM can play a significant role in this environment by:
  • Reducing costs by ensuring collaboration, providing visibility of information and better data management
  • Speed up delivery by ensuring that decisions are made on correct data and streamlined workflows
  • Improve quality by ensuring quality that complex projects are de-risked in a virtual environment before infrastructure is built
My presentation will focus on how our infrastructure projects can be better planned, designed and operated using BIM.




  • Selvan Murugan
    Selvan Murugan
    Digital Practise Leader - Zutari (Pty) Ltd

    My role is to provide digital leadership across the Energy and Resources, Built Environment and Infrastructure (Transport and Water) Markets and Advisory business units in Zutari. With my broad digital engineering knowledge and networks, I collaborate with the internal digital team, the
    delivery units and external clients to identify touch points and to guide the development of capability and expertise in relation to the future Zutari. My role is intended to support the development of an appropriate and cost effective digital capability in Africa. I indirectly lead multiple teams across the region, defining and accounting for implementing Zutari’s digital strategy. I also fulfill functional support roles within Zutari projects, to practically apply digital concepts as a thought leader and to develop and embed digital capability into the project delivery teams.


Oct 21 2020

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