Integration of BIM Models in an BIM-enabled project

Session synopsis

BIM is a relatively recent innovation that has literally transformed the Design Authoring in Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is a process where clients’ requirements are converted into digital models using 3D parametric and analytical modelling tools. BIM Models are the outputs created by different stakeholders using different BIM Work Streams at project stages. BIM Work Streams require different modelling requirements and would benefit from early stakeholders’ involvement (including contractors and sub-contractors) which traditional contracting procedures hinders. The presentation aims to develop a Whole Life Cycle information flow enabled by BIM protocols and technologies for Qatar construction. The presentation indicates how BIM Models produced at design stages are utilized by contractors in projects using traditional contracting. Within those, it also explores the extent and purposes of the use of BIM Models produced in Design Authoring process by contractors. The paper infers from focused expert interviews, the obstacles towards the use of BIM models for different BIM Work Streams in projects using traditional contracting. The selected experts are contractors with a tracked record in the Qatar construction industry. The paper aims to increase awareness of the problem, highlighting obstacles and opportunities of the use of BIM models in current practice. There is a need for early collaboration, coordination, communication and common use of information classification standards to exploit the use of BIM models for different BIM Work Streams. Among many, some of the factors inhibiting effective utilization of BIM Models for BIM Work Streams in current practice include: lack of early contractor input, trust, and sufficient construction information in building elements used during the design stage. KEYWORDS: BIM; BIM Work Streams; BIM Model use;

Why should people attend?

The presentation show case lesson learnt from several multi million dollar projects in Qatar. The audience will have an understanding of obstacles and challenges of produce BIM models within a BIM enabled project. The study would further introduce the clash detection of models and how it can be quantified to increase client buy in at early project stages.




  • Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad
    Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad
    Assistant Professor - Qatar University

    Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad is an Assistant Professor at Qatar University.
    He has over 10 years of teaching, research and construction industry experience. His experience includes BIM and innovative design applications in the UK architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry for more than 10 years. Has a passion for teaching and research. Skilled in the field of sustainable infrastructure, design development, and supporting the
    adoption of BIM culture change to facilitate organisational performance within the built-environment. Have a passion for wayfinding and flexible spaces especially in healthcare buildings. Interested in organisation of data for asset whole lifecycle management.


Oct 20 2020

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