Laser Scanning and Measurements

Session synopsis

I will briefly discuss that 3D scanners are and what they have been used for. I will touch on the different types and their applications, selecting the right tool for the right job. This should showcase the benefits of 3D scanning in efficiency and safety, followed by a few case studies.

Why should people attend?

This session is aimed at anyone who may or may not have heard about 3D scanning. Ranging from students, hobbyists to senior engineers and modellers of the industry, looking to expand their knowledge of today’s technology and its capabilities.




  • Luan Slabbert
    Luan Slabbert
    Digital Modeller - Zutari

    Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Ever since school I was interested in architecture and passionate about drawing and modelling. My career started in the West Coast, Langebaan, where I first got exposed to pointcloud and 3D scanners whilst working for a survey company. I soon got hooked by the technology and it brought me to where I am today.


Oct 13 2020

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  1. I’m so appreciative for all the content that has been provided so far, intensely glad I learnt of this forum.
    I happen to have registered a start up of architectural technical services among whose services delivered is 3D Laser scanning services.
    This presentation has enlightened me a lot even with the research me and my partner have already done.
    We’d be appreciative for more insights by the presenter or the forum on this very topic, but unfortunately the presenter didn’t provide any contact. Thanks a lot

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Azhar, I’ll notify Luan and ask him to make contact with you. You can also click on his profile on the top right and click on the Linkedin icon to connect with him that way.

    2. Hi Azhar! Glad you enjoyed the content. I tried to keep it brief and straight to the point without going into too much depth. Apologies for only replying now. I usually check for comments in the evenings and try to respond promptly.

      As mentioned by Angela, feel free to contact me through my LinkedIn if you would like have a chat 🙂