Mining Asset Information Management Integrated Digital Engineering

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I was asked a question the other day by a respected peer of mine who said, “why do we bother creating 3D intelligent models when designing plants and assets in the mining industry”. This is an interesting question and one the mining industry should review to understand the value in creating 3D Intelligent models, or a digital asset in the design phase. To answer this question, we need to understand what purpose the digital twin provides? The digital twin is an important and valuable asset. It is no different to a operating manual or specification when maintaining and operating the plant. It is not just beneficial for the design or construction phase of the project, but most importantly for the maintenance of the asset throughout its life. There are many thoughts when it comes to the value of a digital twin, but by developing this platform, we give ourselves the opportunity to implement further technology in the coming years.

Why should people attend?

As we move into a Digital Asset and Digital Twin environment in the asset management stage of the project life cycle, industry needs to understand the value of the initial investment into digital engineering technologies and data creation/standardisation from the project design phase. With a solid understanding of these concepts industry can make better informed decisions on what to invest into and how and most importantly when, when defining the DE strategy of a project and associated digital asset.




  • Carl Faulkner
    Carl Faulkner
    Client Success Manager - iConstruct

    Carl is the Client Success Manager – APAC and BIM Consultant for iConstruct, a powerful BIM application which capitalises on advantages provided through BIM Management. He provides product implementation and training services for large industrial clients globally. He has 15 years of
    experience in both design and asset management, spending 5 years managing an iConstruct implementation and Integration project at a leading Mining company in Australia.

    Carl now works as an Digital Engineering Implementation Strategist with a major oil and gas client providing support for Inspection Management and Advanced Work packaging (AWP) solutions. He has a broad knowledge base of leveraging BIM in the industrial market to create software-based solutions, increasing efficiencies in business processes.


Oct 23 2020

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