Morocco Digital Roadmap

Session synopsis

The Morocco Digital Roadmap strategy has as its main objective the development of a national BIM regulatory framework that can guide BIM processes and practices in the construction sector, using as a reference the international BIM standards such as ISO19650 and UNI11337 and how these international practices can be adapted and applied to the Moroccan context.

Why should people attend?

We would like to make known the evolutions of the digital market and our approach to Morocco, but also to have the opportunity to share our experience with other professionals in order to enrich the African BIM and digital panorama.




  • Annalisa De Maestri
    Annalisa De Maestri
    Dirigeant d’entreprise et representant de l’association - My African competition ONG

    Ms De Maestri has been managing companies specialising in the field of digital technology applied to the world of real estate and infrastructure for more than 10 years.

    She has worked on large-scale projects in France and abroad (Ivory Coast, Chile, Dubai, etc.) and shares her passion for digital technology by teaching management and BIM in numerous French institutions.

    Since 2020 she is an active member and representative of the association
    My African Competition ONG.


Oct 08 2020

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