Open Standards are the Past, the Present, and the Future of the Construction Industry

Session synopsis

The Construction industry is scattered, by nature. Several fields such as Civil, Housing, Industrial Facilities, Housing, Waste and Water, Energy. Customers and clients are also extremely diverse, in the way they use buildings and facilities, in the way they interact with the Construction Industry. As for Human collaboration and communication, we need a common ground in order to improve the efficiency of our processes. It’s an imperative necessity, as the industry needs to improve drastically. Not only for keeping prices low, or performances high, nor for the sake of Design, but furthermore to attract talents and brilliant minds of future generations. Through some use cases, you will understand and witness how Open Standards are solving daily issues in collaboration, and are the only reasonable way leading to Success in complex and modern projects. Open Standards are not an option, Open Standards are shaping the future of the Construction Industry.

Why should people attend?

The session will provide clear evidence of the necessity to use Open Standards in modern projects, with evaluation of the benefit. Digital transformation is difficult, so the goal of this session is to provide attendees a good understanding of the value Open Standards bring to the table, for the project itself, for the processes in your business, not to forget the skills and motivation of your people.




  • Julien Benoit
    Julien Benoit
    Head of Customer Success - CATENDA

    Julien joined Catenda in 2019, and lives currently part time in France and Norway. Julien grew his expertise in the Construction Industry over 20 years, as site manager and preconstruction director, in companies such as Bouygues, Vinci, Legendre.
    Since 2014, he has been leading the way in France towards BIM implementation for AEC, with a strong commitment to open standards and smart use of technology. For 5 years, he has been responsible for the Virtual Design and Construction strategy at Groupe Legendre. He is also a proud member of the Bad Monkeys.
    Julien assists nowadays Catenda’s customers to get the best value of their Bimsync collaborative platform.


Oct 12 2020

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Case study