Reimagining the way cities are built in Africa

Session synopsis

This session will take the audience through a tour of the following:
  • The need for sustainable development in the African built environment,
  • Understanding the methodology and strategies of smart city development, and
  • The way forward: achieving sustainable cities in Africa.

Why should people attend?

  • Discover how cities in Africa can become more sustainable.
  • Get equipped with the knowledge that engineer competence, productivity and growth in innovation of sustainable solutions in Africa.
  • Discover the emerging technologies and resources that can be used to ensure sustainable development, increase quality of life of people and improve efficiency of existing structures.
  • Explore the opportunities inherent in today’s industry and quest to sustainable development with emerging technologies and innovation in Africa.
  • Understand the various methodologies and strategies for smart city development and implementation plan.




  • Azeez Tobi Abubakar
    Azeez Tobi Abubakar
    Ambassador - BIM Africa Initiative

    Azeez is a young and vibrant professional who is passionate about sustainable development, innovation and technology. Also, he is an Ambassador and Advocate at BIM Africa Initiative and Youth Delegate at UNITE 2030. He is passionate about smart cities, digital construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM). He is a researcher exploring the use of generative design and BIM to exploit conceptual design innovation and virtual reality (VR) for real-time visualisation at the early design phase of a project to increase energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions, lower overall
    project cost and deliver project faster. He has received awards for his work in smart cities and BIM.

    He is currently working to publish his work in smart cities on Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems (IGLUS). He is enthusiastic about leveraging Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Extended Reality (XR), Internet of Things (IoT) and other disruptive technologies in the
    AEC industry. He has participated in several BIM advocacy events and construction exhibitions in Nigeria and Kenya. He speaks at local and international conferences in Africa, championing action for positive change. Also, he has got extensive project management experience working on the
    Dangote Fertilizer Project.


Oct 28 2020

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Case study