Scan-to-BIM Workflow applied to the Heritage Conservation case of Bab Monsour in Meknes, Morocco

Session synopsis

BIM is a relatively recent innovation that has literally transformed the construction industry. The term BIM stands for Building Information Modeling is used to describe the creation and information management processes of a construction project throughout its life cycle. Experts apply it to the construction of new buildings and new structures, the life cycle of which ranges from design to demolition. Digital preservation is a new concept in the heritage and archeology sectors. Techniques such as 3D scanning can help analyze, maintain and preserve older existing buildings. It is a modern technique for maintaining structures from the past. This research focuses on Mansour Gate located in Meknes, which represents one of the largest and most historical gates in Morocco. The aim of this study is to propose a Scan to BIM methodology to better monitor this heritage. In this paper, we propose a workflow that consist of creating detailed 3D models that will allow to monitor and provide a data to maintain the health of this patrimony by extracting default and area of damage that has been caused though times and revolutionizes conventional methods.

Why should people attend?

The topic addressed in this session reflects a realistic case study of a Scan to BIM approach applied in the aim of the conservation of the patrimony, it takes place in of the oldest city on Morocco and the most historic gate in the Arabic culture. The importance of this research resides in its originality including a disruptive workflow compared to the traditional surveying tools that used laser scanning materials and also photogrammetry in specific area to create digital twin of the monument, we will also show in this session how the fast acquisition of lasergrammetry, its accuracy and the perfect reproduction of the real object allow to apply monitoring analysis of damages and degradations.




  • Sofia Hakdaoui
    Sofia Hakdaoui
    Technical Support and Reality Capture Manager - Leica Geosystems

    I hold a Phd degree in Remote Sensing, GIS and Digital Twin.
    I’m currently a Reality Capture and Technical Support Manager at Leica Geosystems SU North Africa. My position consists at helping, supporting and teaching customers about the wide portfolio of Leica Geosystems part of Hexagon surveying materials and reality capture tools like Terrestrial
    Laser Scanner, Mobile Laser Scanner and UAVs and in software solutions like Cyclone, Leica Infinity, and Cyclone 3Dr.

    I have a background in IT with a Licence degree in database programming. I hold a Master degree in GIS and Remote Sensing, and a Master in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure projects delivered by Zigurat Global Institute of Technology in Barcelona.

    I am very passionate about 3D Modeling my current field of research concerns automatic objects extraction based on Machine learning Algorithms in consideration of their BIM semantics

    I have published several scientific articles in International indexed Journals in collaboration with worldwide laboratories and researches.


Oct 16 2020

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Case study