The challenges of BIM Implementation at National Level

Session synopsis

Building Information Modelling and Management (BIM) sits at the heart of digital transformation across the global built environment. For the construction industry it provides a critical opportunity to significantly improve performance and stimulate more innovative ways of delivery and operation. What standards we adopt and how they are implemented will determine the effectiveness of the BIM frameworks they support. This presentation will look at some of the challenges global construction industries have faced in the past and present with the implementation of BIM into their economies. It will look at some of the strategies adopted, their challenges and how to overcome them, as well as the standards used to do so, with a specific focus will be on ISO 19650 standards.

Why should people attend?

By attending this webinar, the attendee will be able to: • Understand the problems currently pervasive in the global construction industry • Understand the importance of standards that support BIM Frameworks, specifically in the UK, aimed at negating these problems • Obtain an overview of the international movement of BIM development. • Obtain an overview of the different strategies of BIM implementation and their challenges. • Understand some of the key principles of the new ISO 19650 standards. • Understand some of the barriers and benefits of adopting the new ISO 19650 standards.




  • Sean McCormick
    Sean McCormick
    Senior BIM Advisor - Building Research Establishment

    Sean is currently Senior BIM Advisor at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) BIM Division whose responsibilities include compiling and delivering BRE Academy BIM training, providing audits for the BIM business and individual certification schemes delivered under the BRE Certification mark, and working on research projects related to BIM.

    Sean was one of the first students in the UK to obtain a master’s in building information Modelling Management through Middlesex University. The thesis topic for his master’s degree focused on comparing BIM capability and maturity models within the UK.

    With over 14 years’ experience within the AEC industry, Sean has experience working for several architectural practices within London gaining extensive experience within private and government sectors.


Oct 09 2020

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