The Collaborative processes of BIM

Session synopsis

During the health crisis, collaborative, synchronous and / or asynchronous work ensured business continuity. In the construction industry, collaborative work is essential because no one does a project alone, it is always teamwork. These are remote collaborative processes that are imposed on us, not teleworking. The continuity of exchanges, meetings, project reviews, and other actions, must continue at a distance. The BIM processes already configured to be operational and efficient, remotely, have been an adapted response to the confinement situation of actors in the construction sector, at least those who are engaged and involved in the studies and monitoring of projects. BIM processes offer platforms that make it possible to have a common data environment offered to members of project teams, which facilitates the exchange, sharing and publication of data and documents, not to mention the holding of meetings, with the possibility of recording them to keep track of them. Health crisis has revealed the benefits of collaborative work that BIM processes offer which heralds the development of BIM and its collaborative processes, the health crisis is certainly an “accelerator” for the adoption of BIM. BIM processes, operationally and technically, can be experienced 100% in a dematerialized manner, thanks to platforms (Common Data Environment), tools and other technological means.

Why should people attend?

  • Focus on what exists as solutions
  • The importance of a collaborative process for the adoption of BIM as a mode of project management
  • Strategic choice of a Common Data Environment
  • Information management is the key to the success of any BIM process




  • Dahbia Meddahi
    Dahbia Meddahi

    My role as Founder and Director of IPFIG Technological Innovations is to think about a development strategy for our products and services and to articulate the commercial activity with the technical activity of the company, in me. pressing my staff. I make sure to
    develop quality partnerships with the best publishers (Autodesk, FARO, ALPI, PROSYS, CGS LAB)
    I support our clients by recommending technological solutions to optimize their processes and help them master their data, in the areas of AEC, GIS, industry and heritage.
    As a BIM MANAGER, specialist in digitization and BIM mock-up, Scan to BIM, I had the opportunity to participate in several BIM projects.
    Specializations: BIM Management, BIM Services, BIM GEM; 3D Scan, Professional Training, ATC, Audit and Advice.


Oct 13 2020

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