The interactive AEC Revolution

Session synopsis

Interactive visualization has the power to completely change how we approach design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure. It’s a big claim, but in this talk I’ll make the case that interactive visualization can, and should be, central to AEC projects. Africa has the opportunity, as it develops and expands infrastructure to leap to the forefront of AEC project delivery and harness this, and other digital tools (working together), to ensure as we grow as a continent that we ensure we put people first.

Why should people attend?

If you’re curious about what interactive visualization is and how it can be used in the context of AEC, please follow the presentation. Sometimes terminology can be confusing or mean different things to different people, this talk will put some clear definitions in place and outline interactive strategies that work and strategies that don’t work.




  • Murray Walker
    Murray Walker
    Expertise Leader: Interactive Visualisation - Zutari

    I come from a journalism background but when virtual reality hardware started emerging I thought there would be incredible opportunity in the field. So I left journalism and learnt to use and develop in game engines.

    I quickly realized the capability of game engines beyond games. So I got involved with the nascent visualization efforts at Aurecon (now Zutari). That was 4 years ago.

    Since then we have worked to redefine how we engage engineering projects, both from a design perspective and from a client, community and stakeholder point of view.

    I now lead a small team of artists and developers, creating the future of engineering project engagement.


Oct 08 2020

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