The Promise of BIM vs The Reality

Akin to new experiences with technological advancements in any industry, expectations keep rising on the potentials and inherent capabilities of the digital innovation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to radically transform orthodox ways of getting things done in the built industry. However, it is pertinent to thoroughly understand the BIM realities today in contrast to the promises of BIM adoption. This is the intricate issue that our subject matter experts critically examine in this Panel discussion. Granting their comprehensive appraisal, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations (AECO) industry practitioners will be able to better leverage the current developmental evolution phases of BIM technologies to tweak their productivities to desired vantage levels.

Dewlene Africa


Dewlene Africa


  • Akpezi Victoria Ikede
    Akpezi Victoria Ikede
    BIM Manager - ATO Architects

    Victoria Ikede is the BIM Manager and Assistant ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Representative (QMR) at ATO Architects Limited.

    She has over nine years’ experience as an architect working with BIM tools and has been instrumental in driving digital innovation at ATO Architects.

    She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Nigeria and is a recipient of the 2016 NDDC Scholarship Award for Postgraduate Studies. Earning her Master’s Degree from the Sheffield School of Architecture with Distinction, Victoria gained significant teaching and research experience in the fields of Building Information Modelling, Virtual Reality, Computational Design, Photogrammetry, Digital Fabrication, Rapid prototyping and Energy Simulations.

    She was a panelist at the 2019 West African Digital Conference, and 2019 9H Talk Series on ‘Crossing Borders and Building Bridges’ featuring several industry experts including Bill Bates, the 2019 President of the American Institute of Architects.

    She is an active member of the BIM Africa community in Nigeria.

  • Dewlene Africa
    Dewlene Africa
    BIM Manager - SVA International

    The BIM I bring, stems from a robust BIM Authoring Software understanding – which I have been working with in practice, training and implementation since 2007 – and which has supported my adoption of many technical challenges. I believe that honing the usage of technology, process and standards, is imperative, if the AECO and other industries will continue to be successful and effective in this age of technology, communication, and
    collaboration. If we don’t embrace the change – we will be left behind. My role, where I work as BIM Manager, at SVA International, requires that I apply theories in practice, to highlight, develop and implement more effective ways of tackling the digital project, creating efficient workflows and project strategies to support simplifying output even on complex projects. In order to achieve this, I rely heavily on technology and the ability to challenge people to go where they are not always comfortable.

    My ongoing challenge is to create an understanding of what it means to implement BIM, that is beyond 3D authoring; but also, a successful application of technology, process and standards, to streamline workflows and support collaborative working.

  • Juliet Sakyi-Ansah
    Juliet Sakyi-Ansah
    Registered, Chartered Architect

    Currently doing a 3-year funded PhD study on ‘BIM-based Capacity Building for Sustainable Housing Upgrading in Informal Settlements’ at the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment – Oxford Brookes University.

  • Nawale Saoud
    Nawale Saoud
    Director, P&Ds Mahgreb - JLL

    After an experience started internationally (in architectural agencies in France and Spain, and also Unesco projects in Tunisia and Senegal), Nawale returned to Morocco for the project of the Mazagan golf & beach resort (500 rooms & suites, 370 M$), before to join the Morocco Mall team (200 000 m2, 236 M$), and then Aradei Capital as Technical Director in charge of the development of all their various projects across Morocco.

    Nawale has a good real estate business expertise, in-depth knowledge of the Moroccan market, strong technical skills, contract and financial management.

    Throughout her career, Nawale has been responsible for managing the design and construction of multiple programs, with important complexity and tight schedules (in residential, hospitality, retail, offices and leisure projects).

    Nawale is a Director in the JLL MENA team and brings on board over 12 years of professional work experience in real estate, design and construction development, having worn different hats (architect, general contractor, Project Manager, Developer, Operator…) on one side, and having been involved from the sourcing of the real estate deal, to
    the operational maintenance on the other hand, this gives her a 360° vision and allows her to anticipate the needs of projects in terms of development but also of sustainability.

  • Shameemah Davids
    Shameemah Davids
    Discipline BIM Lead – Architecture (Africa) - AECOM

    Runner – creative-go-getter – yoga student – fitness and soccer enthusiast – Building Information Modelling Specialist

    As BIM Lead for the Architecture department at AECOM Africa, and holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Architecture. Shameemah is tasked with driving Digital Project Delivery innovation across AECOM’s offices.

    Shameemah has implemented and trained BIM (Building Information Mod-
    elling) processes to hundreds of people across Southern Africa. She is part of a larger multidisciplinary digital team within AECOM dedicated to Digital Project Delivery excellence. Within her role she creates and manages Architecture BIM standards, does technical support and training to drive digital efficiency. She participates in doing Project BIM Coordination on some of AECOM’s local and international projects.

    Shameemah is passionate about digital problem solving within the AEC industry and confidently motivates, mobilizes and coaches fellow colleagues to meet high performance standards.


Oct 14 2020

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  1. Great discussion. You expanded my perspective on the promise of BIM with manufacturers or the under delivery with the idea sold to manufacturers.