Why do we create Standard Processes?

Session synopsis

In this session, we will discuss why we need standard Processes, the benefits and common concerns about them. I will show you the difference it made in our Organisation, not just in the drawing office, but for the entire organisation, from concept design reports, snag lists, progress reports, equipment schedules, specifications, drawings, presentations. And the list goes on.
With the correct strategy, data management platform, and implementation we have seen an increase in the quality of our documentation with the added benefit of an increase in productivity.

Who should attend?

If you are currently in the process of implementing standards in your office or you think it’s about that time to update them, this session will give you guidance on where to start




  • Gary Mansfield
    Gary Mansfield
    BIM Manager - CKR Consulting Engineers

    Enthusiastic, passionate, and driven is just a few of the qualities that I am known for in the industry. With these qualities, I can effectively assist my clients and their companies in achieving their goals. By using proven methods, I specialise in identifying my client’s needs and providing them with an implementation plan for integrating BIM into their everyday processes and workflows. In the end, ensuring they get a ROI from their
    design technology. Along with implementing BIM workflows on projects, as a BIM Specialist, my role involves, continuous staff development, user, and project-based support, BIM management, workflow automation and optimisation, information management, and change management.

    In this ever-changing digital age, it is important to understand what is necessary for your company and when to action it. The knowledge I have gained over the years from markets, technology, and trends is what makes me an exceptional asset to have on your side when deciding on which design technologies to apply in your business.

    My skills in innovative software and application processes, have afforded me the opportunity to share my knowledge as a speaker at various BIM events and allowed me to contribute, as a leader, to the future of BIM and the AEC industry.


Oct 06 2020

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    1. Geetor, thanks for the fantastic feedback! Happy that you found value in the presentation and all the best with future standards implementation. BIM requires discipline and having standards in place helps significantly.

  1. Great presentation, I really enjoyed it. How do you feel about the implementation of global BIM standards throughout Africa, such as ISO 19650? Do you feel that companies throughout Africa will adopt these standards easily or there may be resistance to change?

    1. Hi Ramon, i am happy that you enjoyed the presentation and that you have found some value in the content. To answer question, I do think there will be some resistance, as we are, unfortunately, creatures of habit and when something works and have been working for years we tend to be reluctant to change. On the other hand we all have seen the benefits thus far from implementing some form and BIM uses in our practices and having a standard makes sense, even more so having a standard that can be used globally is even better. The bottom line here is that if individuals like ourselves, and organisations like BIM Community Africa, and BIM Africa keep on raising the awareness then over time we will succeed. It takes one person in each company to see the value of these standards, and if its coupled with passion the adoption will be expeditious.