Workflow BIM for Structural Engineering design case of a prefab building

Session synopsis

In my topic I will show the benefit for structural engineers in using BIM applications tools for better collaboration in the team, and how it is now possible to design a sustainable building as a prefab building and produce more detailed information. I will also show the collaboration between Autodesk Revit and Robot structural analysis for Prefab structures model, and how to quickly produce shop drawing and documentations of prefab modules elements such as slab, vertical wall, beam, column and how to place rebars shape, and prepare the different prefab modules in CAM format for industrials production. I will show how to manage, store, check a BIM model, share, control, and manage team collaboration in using BIM 360 applications (BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Design. In summary this session will show the importance of using BIM Connected for Structural sustainable building design in the case of prefab constructions. The digital and industrial production of buildings is the future of construction and it is important for African structural engineers to understand how to move to toward the Digital construction.

Why should people attend?

I will present and demonstrate, what has until now been a new topic in Africa construction industry sector, the digital manufacturing and industrial manufacturing of construction, used for faster and improved design especially prefab and container houses




  • Christian Kika Bahara
    Christian Kika Bahara
    Structural Designer, Civil Infrastructure Engineer, BIM AEC Technical Specialist - LAES-GC Engineering

    My name is Bahara Kika Christian. I am Congolese from DRC Congo and have a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and Master in Structural Design and Art of Works from ULPGL GOMA University, in Facultie of Sciences and Technology Applied. I have over 5 years experience in Civil Engineering field and am co-founder of LAES-GC Engineering. I have a great passion for civil engineering which is the reason I specialize in engineering applications and more quickly embrace the instructor field for applications integrating the BIM process.

    My biggest goal is to evangelize BIM across the continent of Africa and lead advocacy for the adoption of BIM in Africa.


Oct 19 2020

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Learning session